Who we are

Our service and philosophy

We find finance for home buyers, property investors and business owners who are time-poor or confused about the range of options open to them but know that they want reliable and convenient finance solutions based on quality customer service.

Because we appreciate that getting finance can be a stressful process, we always keep you informed of the progress of your loan, every step for the way.

Why choose us

Aurora Finance Group takes pride in putting you, the customer, at the centre of our attention. We offer you superior customer service coupled with a pro-active approach so that your loan application progresses smoothly.

How we get paid

We earn a commission from the lender when your loan settles. This is paid separately by the lending institution. It does not come out of your loan amount. We are an independent broker in that we are not affiliated with any specific lending institution. We do not accept any incentives or other rewards for recommending certain institutions over others.

We make our recommendations based on the most suitable loan for your needs.

Protecting your privacy

All information you give us is treated with absolute confidence. We will never pass any of your details onto a third party without your permission. Please read our full privacy policy here.

How we work with you

We find and settle finance appropriate to your needs. Having well structured and appropriate finance is instrumental to saving you money and to laying a financial foundation that enables your goals to be fulfilled.

And, when your finance is settled, we continue to contact you on an ongoing basis to ensure that you’re happy with your lender and the product.

Because our commitment is to educating people about the basics of finance we conduct a Money Mentoring Program where we work individually with people who feel that they are drowning in debt. We help you gain confidence in handling your money and learning how to quickly eliminate debt.