"What struck us about Erika was her professionalism. Over the first few weeks in getting to know Erika other words come to mind such as dedicated, hardworking, trustworthy and having a real willingness to do the best for her customers, whatever it takes. Erika helped us get our finances back on track and refinanced all our borrowings. She also showed us how to access funds to help our business grow." Evan and Despina

What happens before a refinance loan is funded?

Whether you want to understand every step in the process, or are happy with a ‘need to know’ basis, we will keep you updated of the progress of your application at every stage. Financial education puts you in a better position to refinance. Every situation is different and you need to know precisely what refinancing will mean to your long term financial goals:

  • Money for renovations
  • Extra cash flow to see you through tight times
  • Building a new home
  • Consolidating debts
  • Changing lenders to get a better deal
  • Accessing existing equity to purchase another property

At Aurora Finance Group we proactively liaise with all parties concerned with your application (lenders, valuers, legal parties) to ensure your loan settles on time and you don’t incur penalties for late settlement.

Seek advice before refinancing

Refinancing is very appealing but as with all loans, there are costs involved and various ramifications to consider. Is it worth adding years to your loan? Do you know all of the potential costs? Are you sure your new loan has better rates than your current loan?

These questions are the tip of the iceberg. Whatever you would like to know, Aurora Finance Group can help with friendly, practical advice. Get in touch today to find out if refinancing is the most appropriate option for you.