"Erika showed us how to access funds to help grow our business. Currently our mortgage and investment loans are a lot easier to manage and keep track of. We have recently purchased a new vehicle and Erika helped us find the best fit for that also." Evan and Despina

There are home loans designed to help the self-employed

Aurora Finance Group has a particular commitment to working with self-employed people and business owners. So we make it our business to know exactly what loans are out there for you. And you’ll be relieved to hear that there are a number of ways to access finance no matter what the state of your current financials.


You may be eligible for a low doc loan

Low doc loans are designed for self-employed borrowers who are unable to disclose or verify their income. Proof of income can be especially tricky if you are in the first few years of running a business. Some lenders offer low doc loans that cater for self-employed people at various stages of business operation and with different amounts of income and financial evidence.

Simply get in touch and let us know your circumstances and we will research the most appropriate and suitable loan for you.


Don’t get trapped into high fees on your low doc loan

Low doc loans are available as fully featured term loans or lines of credit but may be at a higher rate than standard home loans. So it pays to use the expertise of a mortgage broker. Navigating the fees and costs of a home loan is not easy. Hidden costs such as mortgage insurance vary enormously and lenders do not always disclose these costs up front.

There would be nothing worse than blowing the benefits of a low doc loan by getting hit with exorbitant up front or ongoing